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Talent Music Publishers

Talent Music Publishers

The idea for Talent Music Publishers originated in 1995 in the small town of Talent, Oregon by Norman Rowe.  In 2007 the idea became reality and Talent Music Publishers began operations.  The music offered by Talent Music Publishers encompasses a wide variety of pieces for performance.

Featured Products

A Celebration of Mexican Children's Songs

Composer:  Dr. Jorge E. Garcia

Price: $45.00

LEVEL: Grade 3

A colorful medley of songs made popular by Francisco Gabilondo Soler;  lovingly known in Mexico as "Cri-Cri."  This medley consists of:  "Tema of 'Cri-Cri' (Theme song of 'Cri-Cri')," "Di Porque" ("Tell me why, Grandmother"), "Aztec chant to the Sun," and "Llueve" ("Rain").  These songs are still sung by children in Mexico today.

Alleluia for Soprano Solo

Composer:  W.A. Mozart

Arranger:  David Smith

Price: $25.00

LEVEL: Grade 3

This is an interesting arrangement of this famous Mozart piece.  It is written for solo Soprano voice and also for Solo Euphonium.


Composer:  C. Saint-seans

Arranger:  Jorge E. Garcia

Price: $50.00

LEVEL: Grade 5

In the middle of the 19th century, a revival of interest in choral music swept France, and
Saint-Saëns made plans to compose an oratorio/opera on the subject of Samson and Delilah.

Ballad of the Counter Doppelganger

Composer:  Ryne Siesky

Price: $40.00

LEVEL: Grade 3

A musical narrative/sound painting, featuring either the flute or flugelhorn, based on a story about the good and evil in us all. This chart mixes rhythmic displacement with classical and funk influences. 


Elite Syncopations

Composer:  Scott Joplin

Arranger:  Jorge E. Garcia

Price: $25.00

LEVEL: Grade 4

"Elite Syncopations" is a 1902 ragtime composition by Scott Joplin, originally published by John Stark & Son.  One of his more popular works, it is one of a handful of Joplin rags for which he recorded a piano roll.  In 1974, the Royal Ballet, under director Kenneth MacMillan, created the ballet Elite Syncopations based on tunes by Joplin and other composers of the era.

Texas and Oregon Grand March

Composer:  A.P. Heinrich

Arranger:  Norman Rowe

Price: $40.00

LEVEL: Grade 4

The Texas and Oregon Grand March was composed for solo pianoforte in 1844. Heinrich dedicated the work "To His Excellency John Tyler, President of the United States."

We Three KIngs

Arranger:  Jorge E. Garcia

Price: $10.00

LEVEL: Level 1

18 Handbells
7 Ringers

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