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Ballad of the Counter Doppelganger

A musical narrative/sound painting, featuring either the flute or flugelhorn, based on a story about the good and evil in us all. This chart mixes rhythmic displacement with classical and funk influences. 


Category:  Jazz Band,
Composer:  Ryne Siesky

Price:  $40.00

Performance Notes: 
The Story of the Counter Doppelganger: In a more ancient part of the world, there is a town that wakes up at the same time every morning to watch the Sun rise. At the end of the day, they join together once again to watch the Sun go down. The Sun, an entity of good, brings joy and prosperity to the land. One morning, the town awaited the arrival of their savior, but something else came over the horizon instead; an apparition of evil, the Sun's counter doppelganger. Darkness took to the skies and the doppelganger, in his funky funky fury, laid waste to the lands. In the aftermath, the ghostly figure drew a smirk on his face with glee, but his smirk soon became dull. Its funky rage destroyed the village; the people feared for their lives and even in its final hour, the spirit was not content. The being contemplates his actions, but in the midst of all the destruction, a small villager played a melody on her flute. Survivors gathered around and sang their tune and just like that, the ghost smiled with cheer. The skies cleared, fires doused, and the Sun was about to set. Together, they rebuilt. It was time for departure; just as the Sun leaves, the doppelganger must leave. The town watched the sunset, hoping that the doppelganger would never rise again. The next morning came and the villagers woke up again to continue their tradition. The Sun climbed over the hills and the villagers were happy once again. Then -- A bitter cold swept the village.
Click to view sample Score Performance Level:  Grade 3

Performance Time:  7:00 minutes


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