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Download FAQ's

1. What is my username and password?
Your login is the PayPal email address used when making your purchase from Talent Music Publishers (TMP).  Your password is the PayPal Transaction ID number of your latest purchase from TMP.  If you make a second or third purchase, your most recent PayPal Transaction ID from TMP will become your new password.  This information will be emailed to your PayPal email address after payment is made.  It will also show within your PayPal account for the transaction.

2. But I did not get an email...
Please check your spam / bulk / junk email box.  Our email may have been flagged as spam, or visit your PayPal account to check the Transaction ID number of your latest TMP purchase.

3. I am logged in but do not seem to be able to download the file...
We recommend Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers.  Other browsers are not tested and may not support our download system.

4. Help!  Nothing is working!
We apologize for the inconvenience and ask that you using our "Contact Us" form and send us an email explaining your problem and request download assistance.  Thank you for your patience.

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