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Reflections of the Middle Kingdom

This major work utilizes musical themes from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and China in a delightful combination of sounds. It is believed by many Ethnic-sociologists that all of the asian peoples originated from China which, in Chinese means "Middle Kingdom." The songs utilized are "Ariang" from Korea, "Sakura" from Japan, "Jung ai shiren" from Taiwan, and "Rain" from Japan. An unusual section at letter "D" which emulates the sound of train travel; which is one of the major means of transportation in Asia. There is a large percussion part with solo’s that will be appreciated by percussionists. There is an aleatoric section as well as utilization of the human voice.

Category:  Wind Ensemble,
Composer:  Jorge E. Garcia

Price:  $55.00

Performance Notes: 

It is critical to have the percussion parts covered since those parts are often used in transition from one section of music to another.  If a "Chinese" cymbal is not available, it is advised to use 1/2 of a high-hat cymbal suspended and played with a hard mallet or stick.  It is not to sound good; rather it should be obnoxious.  The notation suggest for the aleotoric section is written in the Flute and Oboe part 4 measures after letter "J"are a suggestion and can be altered.  Before the balence of the band, sans percussion, begins the singing section 9 measures after letter "J," the pitch of the first singing note is played in the 1st Clarinet part the mesure before the singing begins.  The 4 tom solo can be done on Temple Blocks if the toms are not available but every effort should be made to get the instruments needed.  Since this is a piece for Wind Ensemble, the "specialty" instruments like English Horn and Bassoon parts are doubled.  The mute requested in the Tuba part at letter "A" is optional.

Click to view sample Score Performance Level:  Grade 4

Performance Time:  10:30 minutes


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