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Level 4: The Final Boss

Level 4: The Final Boss is an arcade rock jam groove that leaves a listener content. This chart mixes rock, jazz, and video-game (arcade) influences into the same chart. The chart is dedicated to the composer's father, Barry Siesky.

Category:  Jazz Band,
Composer:  Ryne Siesky

Price:  $42.00

Performance Notes: 

The jam starts with a bass groove and builds off with drums and the bari sax from there. Chord changes for solos are in the 1st Alto, 2nd Trumpet, 3rd Trombone, Electric Guitar, and Electric Piano parts. Lead trumpet range goes up to a written D above the staff. The drummer may ad lib fills when deemed appropriate. In the solo section, non-soloists may improvise their own backgrounds.

Click to view sample Score Performance Level:  Level 3

Performance Time:  5:02 minutes


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