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Fantasia on Little Drummer Boy

This Fantasia is based on two Nativity pieces where a young boy as a spectator is featured: the traditional “Little Drummer Boy” (from Czech folk song) and “Amahl’s Song” from “Amahl and the Night Visitors.”

Category:  Orchestra with Band,
Composer:  Jorge E. Garcia

Price:  $25.00

Performance Notes: 

This piece is written in F major and Bb major. What justifies the “Grade 3” designation is the 1st Violin part and the introduction of a little atonality which represents the chaos of the world at that time. The chordal resolution at the end of the atonal section signifies the coming peace of the birth of the Christ Child. The ensemble does get to sing at the end.

Click to view sample Score Performance Level:  Grade 3

Performance Time:  5:20 minutes


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