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Come To Zion

Based on a traditional Shaker tune not heard very often, "Come to Zion" is primarily written for the middle school to early high school orchestra with the option to play with the band arrangement.  The more popular "Simple Gifts" is utilized in the "B" section of this piece as well as in the end.  Scored with the option to play with the band arrangement.

Category:  Orchestra with Band,
Composer:  Dr. Jorge E. Garcia

Price:  $25.00

Performance Notes: 

The key signatures are well within the abilities of the middle school to high school string orchestra (D minor, F minor, and F major).  The "B" section (starting at letter C) presents a rendition of "Simple Gifts" and employs differing time signatures and utilizes a hemiola both in this section and later in the piece.  This piece is educationally sound and a good festival selection for the middle and early high school level string orchestra.

Click to view sample Score Performance Level:  Grade 3

Performance Time:  4:49 minutes


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