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A Lutheran Christmas

A beautiful medley of three Lutheran Hymns: "Come, O Long-Expected Jesus," "A Mighty Fortress is our God," and "Let the Earth Now Praise the Lord."  The piece opens with a fanfare based on "A Mighty Fortress" and flows into the W. Walker, southern harmony Advent tune.  The second hymn, written by Martin Luther, is unique since it uses the original meter and syncopated tune.  The piece concludes with the third hymn with a similar fanfare as the beginning.

Category:  Concert Band,
Composer:  Dr. Jorge E. Garcia

Price:  $45.00

Performance Notes: 

The key signatures are well within the abilities of the middle school to high school band (Bb Major, C Major, and G minor).  Rhythmic complexities are sixteenth note triplets, 32nd note flourishes in both fanfares, the unique original rhythm of the Luther piece, and a descant part in the Flute, Oboe, Clarinet 1, and Mallet part at letter E.  Percussion parts may be played on drum

Click to view sample Score Performance Level:  Grade 3+

Performance Time:  6:32 minutes


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