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8 Conversations for Tuba and Wind Ensemble

This advanced piece for tuba soloist and wind ensemble blends several different themes in the 8 conversations which can be performed in any combination of the 8 themes. Considered the most difficult piece ever written by the composer, it provides varied challenges for each of the "Conversations."

Category:  Wind Ensemble,
Composer:  Jorge E. Garcia

Price:  $70.00

Performance Notes: 

The first "conversation" introduces the first theme that will appear again in the final "conversation." The second "conversation" starts in 5/8 and changes meters with the eighth note being the common factor. The hymn tune of "Be Thou My Vision" is utilies as the theme for this conversation. Care should be taken to observe the sfz chords which punctuate the theme. Conversation three is a variation or extension of Conversation two. Conversation four is an original melody. Conversation five in 7/4 is an original theme which shows some a-tonal flavor. Conversation six is a short a-tonal transition to the Cadenza which is Conversation seven. The final section, Coversation 8, shows the complete final theme which was introduced in Conversation 1. Both soloist and the ensemble will be challenged by this piece but the work will be well worth it. All the "conversation" are marked by circled rehearsal numbers.

Click to view sample Score Performance Level:  Grade 5

Performance Time:  11:13 minutes


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