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Talent Music Publishers

Talent Music Publishers

The idea for Talent Music Publishers originated in 1995 in the small town of Talent, Oregon by Norman Rowe.  In 2007 the idea became reality and Talent Music Publishers began operations.  The music offered by Talent Music Publishers encompasses a wide variety of pieces for performance.  Many of the band pieces have the multiple-option of string parts in the main band key and String Orchestra adaptations in string friendly keys. To search by level of difficulty, download full catalogue and scroll to desired level.

Featured Products

Alleluia - What a Friend We Have in Jesus

Price: $10.00

LEVEL: Level 2

19 Handbells

8 Ringers


Price: $35.00

LEVEL: Grade 2

“Ariapa” is a piece written to evoke a wide range of emotions.  The powerful beginning signifies strength and power.  The main melody should create a feeling of well-being and fortitude.  The Chorale section is scored to emote sadness with a hint of optimism as the composition rises to its final climax.  The title itself comes from a computer program that randomly makes up fictitious words.

Ave Verum

Price: $25.00

LEVEL: Grade 2

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Ave verum corpus in D major (K. 618) was written for Anton Stoll (a friend of his and Joseph Haydn's) who was musical coordinator in the parish of Baden bei Wien, near Vienna.  This setting of the Ave verum corpus text was composed to celebrate the feast of Corpus Christi and the autograph is dated 17 June 1791.

Bacchanal from "Samson and Delilah"

Price: $45.00

LEVEL: Section 2

This is a delightful and challenging piece for the section 2 band and is suitable for contest.  It contains a haunting melody which is shared with all instruments underscored by and exciting Tympani part.

Cascade Mountain Suite

Price: $50.00

LEVEL: Grades 3 - 2 - 4

This original piece is based on the memories of the composer’s visit to the Cascade mountain range as a young Sailor on liberty from his ship moored in Tacoma, Washington.  The piece is written in three movements:  1. The Skagit’s,  2. Lake Helen, and  3. Bridge of the Gods.  There are many elements in this piece that will challenge the Brass band.  There are syncopated sections, multiple meter changes and exposed section soli.  There is some atonality in the third movement.

Come To Zion

Price: $40.00

LEVEL: Grade 3

Based on a traditional Shaker tune not heard very often, "Come to Zion" is primarily written for the middle school to early high school band.  The more popular "Simple Gifts" is utilized in the "B" section of this piece as well as in the end.

Nessun Dorma for Euphonium solo and Band

Price: $45.00

LEVEL: Grade 2

Nessun Dorma, by Giacomo Puccini, is one of the most famous tenor solos ever written.

Playful Joy

Price: $35.00

LEVEL: Level 0.5

“Playful Joy” is an original piece for grade 0.5 band suitable for concert or festival.

Texas and Oregon Grand March

Price: $40.00

LEVEL: Grade 4

The Texas and Oregon Grand March was composed for solo pianoforte in 1844. Heinrich dedicated the work "To His Excellency John Tyler, President of the United States."

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